Who Is Dan Davies?

About Dan Davies:

I was born in a military hospital and into a military family in 1966.  I lived my first several years in Japan while my father served in Vietnam.  Because of a car accident in 1989 that paralyzed my left arm I was unable to serve in the military.  In college friends in my fraternity asked me to go deer hunting with them.  I told them I couldn’t handle shooting a rifle one handed.  They suggested a hand gun and offered to help me learn to shoot.  That year I shot my first deer with a 357 Magnum at 45 yards.  I then learned to shoot rifles that I could handle and I became an avid Bow hunter.  I first learned to shoot a crossbow but later learned to draw and hunt with a 70# compound bow that I draw and release with my teeth.

My love of archery lead me to join and become the National VP of a disabled archery foundation.  We started and maintained several yearly disabled hunts during the late 90s and early 2000s.  I really enjoyed finding ways for myself and others with disabilities to overcome their disabilities and enjoy hunting.

In 2006 my wife and I adopted our first child … a nine year old girl from Russia.  I resigned from the archery foundation in order to dedicate my time to my new daughter and her new life in America.  In 2008 we adopted a second 9 year old girl originally from Russia.  I joke about how I speak enough Russian to know when I’m in trouble but not enough to know when I need to start running.

Several years ago I became concerned about the world around me and decided I wanted to acquire some home defense firearms and a concealed carry pistol.  After getting my CCDW permit in KY I realized a problem.  I realized that I really need some better training on how to effectively use a firearm for self defense.  Being disabled meant that many of the things done easily by able-bodied shooters presented a formidable challenge to me.  I watched hours and hours of training videos and attended live training seminars.  Then after learning many different techniques I would need to go home and adapt them to my abilities.  I sold guns for a bit at a retainer and heard of the many struggles that people had finding weapons and techniques that would work for them.  Many able bodied shooters are older or smaller or arthritic etc.  There was a real shortage of trainers that could or would work to help these people.  I decided to become a State of Kentucky CCDW instructor to do my part to fill that void.  My wife became an Instructor as well.

I am currently a Instructor for CCDW classes and a pistol fundamentals class. The CCDW class teaches the basics of gun safety and the laws regarding deadly weapons for self defense, along with a live fire test to show basic firearms proficiency. This class allows you to get your Concealed permit but does not train you in how to defend yourself with a firearm.  Shooting a pistol and defending yourself and family with a pistol are two different things.  Pistol fundamentals teaches more advanced safe handling and shooting techniques to make you better prepared to use your gun if ever needed for defense.  We teach this with the use of SIRT training pistols.  These pistols are not guns at all and just shoot a laser light at a target.  Software from LASR records the hits and other data to improve your response time to draw your SIRT and your  accuracy in shooting your SIRT gun.  Before the class ends, live fire shooting is done on my private range located behind my home/classroom.

*A “Force on Force Tactical Advised Pistol Course” is in development and will be offered at a later date.